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Employment law

With layoffs, warnings and job references, you are in good hands with us. We represent you in individual and collective labor law. Most workers now change their job 6-7 times before retirement.

With every change, there are mutual interests in an orderly handover. We represent both employees and employers, because balanced advice is only possible if both interests are known.

Termination: Now and then it is no longer possible to work together. If the differences have become too big, only separate ways help.

Inheritance law

Nobody likes to think about their own death. A clear regulation helps the bereaved and prevents legal ambiguities and thus disputes. We support you with wills, power of attorney and advance directives.

Testament / Anticipated succession: Not every succession must be recorded by a notary. A handwritten will deposited with the competent district court also fulfills the necessary requirements. So that the will of the surrender is not ignored, a gift during his lifetime with a usufruct reservation may also be useful. This applies in particular if tax allowances have been exceeded.

Tax law

Nobody likes to pay taxes. Taxes are necessary for the common good. We draw up your tax return, bookkeeping and annual accounts and ensure that you do not pay more than prescribed.

Income and wage tax: Forward-looking design allows the state to share in the necessary costs in its own work or further training. Household-related services, donations or health costs may have to be taken into account for tax purposes, as well as the necessary insurance. We observe the current jurisprudence and point out the tax options.

Inheritance and gift tax: Depending on the degree of relationship, the inheritance tax applies very early with a high tax rate. This can be partially avoided through distribution and design. In any case, a tax return must be drawn up. We can help you with that.

Tax Criminal Law: Tax regulations are complex and extensive. The tax office is happy to assume intent if regulations are not complied with. We support you in this regard with regard to the tax investigation, fine and criminal cases and the tax court.

Traffic law

An accident happens quickly. We take care of the handling with the insurance and the opponent for the accident.

For cost reasons, insurers regularly try to calculate the damage lower than it actually is. A neutral appraiser, and not that of the opposing insurance company, is a prerequisite for fair billing. It is also not always permissible to refer to a free workshop at a great distance.

Administrative law

Where many similar cases are processed, errors occur. We will represent you to the authority for the correction.

An authority is not always neutral. As with a private individual, there are interests and, if applicable, administrative instructions that the individual official must observe. In this case, only the administrative court helps to enforce your right.

Family law

With the civil wedding you assume legal obligations. Divorce also creates obligations and rights. We advise you on this and represent you in court.

Our approach is to treat each other fairly, even if the path has separated. We look for a solution to the important questions with you. We cannot represent you when it comes to dealing with the dog or trying to block the other on principle.

Tenancy law

Rent increases, layoffs, cosmetic repairs and a neighbor who plays the piano too loudly are typical challenges in tenancy law. We are looking for a common way for you with tenants, landlords and neighbors.

Civil law / mediation

Every coexistence creates conflicts. We support you with the solution. With the neighbor, the insurance company and the seller of your TV.